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LAUNCHING MARCH 2018 after a little makeover!

Do You Want Designer Secrets?

Have you ever wondered how people make those editable invitations you see on Etsy?

Maybe you’d like to know how to make gold text?

Or maybe…maybe… you are thinking about opening your own digital store?

Trainings, Videos, and Courses – Oh My!

In early 2018, the Pininkie website is relaunching and as a New Year gift you will find it packed full of trainings, courses and advice.

If there is a skill you’d love to learn, let me know and I’ll add it to the training content list. Pop over to my Facebook page, and tell me.

Need some examples? Maybe you’re interested in:
Making and selling printable wall art, even if you can’t draw?
How to design your own party invitations?
What tools do you need to create your own clip art?

Whatever your design or small business question, let me know!

Knowledge Hub

During the last six years of creating and selling digital products, I have built up a bank of knowledge that I am excited to share with you. I will be transforming the Pininkie website in to a knowledge hub, where you can find answers to your design and small business questions. Like my Facebook page to be alerted to when  I official launch.