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Tanya Stovold

I’m Tanya

I’ve been creating digital products and selling them online since 2011.

Now I’m going to show you how to do it too!

I started my first online business in 2011, after leaving my job as a web developer to have my first child. I needed a job where I could work flexibly around my family. After weighing up all the options, I decided to set up a creative business from home.

I stumbled upon Etsy while searching on Google for ideas of products I could make and sell. I was instantly drawn to it: a handmade marketplace for people like me to sell their creations globally. It was the perfect fit and I set up a store straightaway.

I had a huge range of products from greetings cards to hand printed fabrics. I had no idea what my potential customer wanted, so I was just making things I found fun to create.

The whole enterprise was becoming extremely stressful, and I wasn’t making any money!

I soon found out it was incredibly difficult producing these products in my tiny house. I had to work in the kitchen area, around my toddler and nosy cat, where there was no space. I had limited room to store my art supplies, and then when my products didn’t sell immediately, as I’d honestly expected them to, I had to find room to store them too.

The whole enterprise was becoming extremely stressful, and I wasn’t making any money!

So here I was, a second baby on the way, overwhelmed with boxes of supplies, stock that wouldn’t sell, having not a clue who my market was or where I could find them (apparently not on Etsy or any of the craft markets I’d attended). I was not making the income I had dreamed of and my inspiration had pretty much dried up.

I loved making the repeat patterns for my fabric designs, and tried to figure out how else I might sell them. It was then I discovered digital scrapbooking paper and my dream of running a successful creative business from home began to materialize.

I set myself up with some free graphics software, taught myself how to use it and made my first few products. I was able to stock my store quickly as, once made, I could resell the digital products and move on to creating the next item. My business grew rapidly and within a couple of months I was seeing regular daily sales.

It had taken me 18 months to figure out what to sell, how to sell it, and who to sell it to, but finally my business was sustainable and I was achieving my financial goals.

The whole enterprise was becoming extremely stressful, and I wasn’t making any money!
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Since then I’ve invested in my business, upgrading to professional design tools and completing business and marketing courses. I’ve now sold thousands of digital products through various online marketplaces and print-on-demand sites. All without having to physically create a product and mail it.

As well as running my own digital creative businesses, I have been helping other artists and photographers to launch theirs too. In monthly meetings I’ve taught a group of local women how to start online businesses and how digital products can help them achieve flexible working.  They suggested to me that I should teach what I know online, so I can reach more female entrepreneurs.

So, with my dream of running a successful creative business around my family realized, my new mission is to share what I’ve learned with you. I took many wrong turns and made uneducated decisions in the first 18 months of startup, and I want to make your entrepreneurial journey simpler and help you achieve your goals faster.

Whether you need help in designing and creating your digital products, or are having trouble reaching your customers, I provide training and resources to help you grow your creative digital business.

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