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Pininkie Digital Supplies Terms of Use (TOU)

Pininkie digital supplies come with a LIMITED COMMERCIAL USE LICENCE.
The Pininkie Limited Commercial Use Licence is for owners of small, home run businesses.
The license applies to sole traders and individuals only.
Credit is not required but always appreciated.
Any reselling or distributing of the original, un-altered product or without significant change, in any type of printed or digital format is strictly prohibited.
All copyrights remain with Pininkie.

You May

• use the products in your own digital products (such as greetings cards, invitations, flyers, printables, photograph albums) that you sell to a customer for their own personal use only. The final design must be compete (e.g. not a template) and must be in a flattened format. The original product must never be sent to your customer.
• use the product to design blog elements, website elements, banners and logos for yourself or to sell to a customer for their own personal use only. The final design must be personalised to the individual customer and must be in a flattened format with a maximum of 72DPI. The original product must never be sent to your customer.
• print the product to incorporate them in to your own tangible creations, such as bottle cap jewellery, magnets, badges/buttons, stickers etc.
• print up to 1000 physical prints of the product per purchase.
• You may digitalize the product to use as part of you own embroidery and x-stitch patterns.

You May Not

• claim the product as your own.
• redistribute the product in its original, un-altered form in any way, including, but not limited to selling, forwarding, sharing, giving away as freebies.
• use the product to create a digital templates for others to personalise.
• use the product, either alone or incorporated within another design, on third-party print-on-demand companies such as, but not limited to, Zazzle, CafePress and Spoonflower.
• use the product, in part or in whole, in the creation of any type of surface pattern design printed digitally, such as fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, tape or ribbon.
• sell the product either alone or as part of a kit as a design resource for designers or scrapbookers.
• convert the product in to a vector/SVG/Cutting file format or any file types of a similar nature, either in their original or altered format.
• convert the product into brushes/tubes or shapes, create rubber stamps from the image, resell as clip art, sell as digital collage sheets, or sell as layered templates of any kind.
• use with any other trademarked or copyrighted item that you do not hold a licence for, such as Disney characters.
• transfer your license to any third party.
• use the product for illegal purposes, or in support of illegal activities.
• use the product to create adult themed items or pornography.

Purchasing Through a Reseller

If you have purchased a Pininkie product via a third party or reseller site, that site will have its own terms of use, which you must follow. They may be different from the Pininkie standard terms of use.